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eReports provides a comprehensive range of business services that can be tailored to individual, legislative or organisational requirements.

NEXUS Video Assessments

Access leading expert medical opinions regardless of geographic location with NEXUS, eReports’ innovative and secure video assessment platform.

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MyChoice – Empower examinees to make an informed decision

MyChoice empowers examinees to make an informed choice of Independent Medical Examiner to create better outcomes for insurers and the individuals they support.

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EVALU8 – The smarter way for lawyers to commission IMEs

The smarter way to commission Independent Medical Examinations, EVALU8 gives lawyers the confidence and flexibility to move forward.

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MEDREX – Medical Record Exchange

MEDREX provides fast, easy and secure access to medical records and personal health information to quickly settle legal matters and improve the claims process.

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Medical Assessments

eReports provides a comprehensive range of independent medical assessment and expert advisory services to help guide you to achieve an optimal pathway to recovery for the individuals you support.

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    Client services

    Katie McGettigan

    Client Experience Business Partner – NT/Federal

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    Gareth Casey

    Client Experience Business Partner – VIC/Self-Insurer

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    Rochelle Waite

    Client Experience Business Partner – QLD

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    Jessica Pedron

    Client Experience Business Partner – SA

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    Ruby Arnold

    Client Experience Business Partner – WA

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    Aran Brown

    Client Experience Business Partner

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