About eReports

eReports is passionate about delivering independent, transparent and responsive services to our clients and the individuals they support.

In the past two decades, eReports has delivered a range of evidence-based solutions to assist the industry. At the core of everything we do are high calibre experts, industry-leading healthcare technology and staff that are skilled and trained in the appropriate administration of your matters.

eReports deliver expert opinions, healthcare advice, allied health and diagnostic services to assist you.

We have trusted and long term relationships with many of Australia’s largest insurers, corporations, government agencies and legal firms.

Our strengths include extensive industry knowledge, capacity for scaleable health tech solutions for small to large businesses and solution-focused resources, which span expert advisory, independent medical opinions, diagnostic and Return to Work services.

eReports recognise that our clients require a broad geographical coverage and have different legislative and regulatory requirements. Our agility allows us to adjust our systems so that we focus on the needs of the individual, applying tailored solutions for clients and those who require their support.

Our advanced technology platform ensures that each matter can be monitored by eReports process management teams, enabling action on potential issues early and achievement of the agreed turnaround times. All data is held and processed in Australia including the transcription of reports. We hold the highest levels of data security to comply with government and individual requirements.