Secure and efficient medical record retrieval services

Medical Record Exchange

Powered by eReports, MEDREX provides fast, secure and easy access to medical records and personal health information, freeing you and your team to focus on more valuable work.

We are the experts in retrieving:

  • Personal Medical Attendance Reports (PMAR)
  • Treating Doctor Reports
  • Insurer Questionnaires
  • Patient Medical Files
  • Workers’ Compensation Records

We strive to make the medical record retrieval process as smooth and seamless as possible for both our clients and their customers.

Streamlined and secure exchange of medical information

Work smarter, not harder

We leverage our strong relationships with medical providers to help reduce the significant costs and delays associated with records retrieval.

With no restrictive contracts and flexible payment options to suit your business needs, we give you the choice!

Innovative technology

Our advanced technology and ongoing investment in the development of new services eliminate the challenges in document retrieval.

Security you can trust

We are committed to protecting the integrity of your business and client data. MEDREX ensures the highest levels of data security with stringent internal security practices and audits.

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