On this International Women’s Day, and every other day, we strive to forge a more inclusive world for all women at work, in the community, at home and beyond.

Women comprise over 50% of our executive leadership, management and wider teams across eReports.

We’re proud of our enduring commitment to recruiting, supporting and empowering women in the workplace.

eReports CEO Chris Argyle acknowledges the integral role of women in our business, “This International Women’s Day, I would like to acknowledge the great contribution women have made to eReports. We have always proudly been a balanced organisation, creating opportunities for all our teams to grow and achieve their best. Women have always accounted for over half of the team, and are an integral part of eReports, bringing enthusiasm and talent to their roles. I am proud of what we have achieved together, and on this day and every day, I recognise the women in our business.”

National Operations Manager Emma Cunningham shares her experience as a young female leader, “My leadership journey has been one of exploration. I’ve faced both personal and professional challenges, stepping back from confrontations I later realised I should have embraced. Now, I stand loud and proud in a culture where gender-biased behaviour is not tolerated. From the outset of my career, my persistent curiosity spurred me to challenge the conventional and maintain my individuality in a professional world often marked by uniformity.

In the early stages of my career, the challenge was not only the tasks at hand but also navigating perceptions of youth and inexperience in an environment dominated by established norms. I was acutely aware of the raised eyebrows that my youthful zeal and unconventional style might provoke amongst the sea of silver-grey committees and boards. Yet, I stood my ground, determined to prove that respect is earned through actions and would not be undermined by my fiery red hair and the shiny stud in my nose.

Being thrust into leadership at a young age, I must confess that, early on, I too regretfully held my tongue in the face of outdated, male-dominated behaviours. But growth and progress demand a voice, and I am proud to say I found mine relatively early – advocating for accountability in the abuse of hierarchical power, standing up for change, and fostering a workplace culture where every voice is heard and we all feel safe and empowered to showcase our uniqueness and embrace our eccentricities without fear of unwanted attention, regardless of our title or gender.

At eReports, under the leadership of our tall and mighty CEO, I have witnessed the company evolve with a sharper focus on individual development, celebrating unique strengths, and fostering a culture where open discussions about growth and development are welcomed. Recognising one’s strengths and weaknesses is a formidable force and is a mantra to be celebrated without inhibition.

Our predominantly female leadership team is a powerhouse. While this could reflect our commitment to breaking down barriers and championing diversity, it more accurately showcases that we aren’t defined by rules, barriers, or stereotypes but rather by competency and skill – our goal is simply to build a team that has the right mix of expertise to propel us forward.

To the emerging leaders among us, the path ahead is yours to forge. In the words of one of my respected male colleagues, John Perra, leadership is about embracing the qualities that resonate with you, learning from those around you, and leading with a sense of purpose and authenticity. As we celebrate milestones like International Women’s Day, let’s recognise our journey at eReports not just as a story of individual success or a specific gender, but as a tribute to the power of collaborative effort and inclusive leadership.

Let’s honour all leaders, whether they hold managerial titles or not, and celebrate the remarkable individuals that make our workforce distinctive. We must continue to value diversity and celebrate the individual strengths that contribute to our collective success. With that mindset, we can all feel comfortable in our skin, and continue to motivate, innovate, and pave the way towards a fully inclusive and equitable future.”

Join us in celebrating the incredible contribution of women in the workplace and working together to cultivate a community where all women are valued and respected.

Celebrating women at eReports