We invite you to join Dr Tony Kostos for an interactive webinar on Rheumatology: Spotlight on Lower Back Pain on Tuesday 27th February at 12:00 PM AEDT.

This webinar will explore how Rheumatologists can assist you in managing complex or difficult claims, particularly relating to lower back pain. 

We will discuss why and when to refer your case to a Rheumatologist and provide insight into the array of diagnostic tools available. 

Leading Rheumatologist and eReports Independent Medical Examiner Dr Tony Kostos will explore:

• Advantages of consulting a Rheumatologist: How a Rheumatologist can assist in managing claims that involve the joints, muscles and immune system.

• Lower back pain and evidence-based diagnosis: How to diagnose lower back pain, what evidence should be considered, and whether investigations are reliable for diagnosis. 

• Do you need advice on a complex or difficult case? Send a non-identifiable case summary to events@ereports.com.au to present to Dr Tony Kostos for discussion during the webinar.

There will be a live interactive Q&A during the webinar.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to support CPD activity claims.

Click here to register.

Expert Webinar: Rheumatology and Lower Back Pain