We invite you to join Dr Philip Crowley for an interactive webinar on ‘Injury Care and Addiction’ on Thursday 21st March at 12:00 PM AEDT.

Experienced Addiction Medicine Specialist and Independent Medical Examiner Dr Philip Crowley will present the latest research on understanding addiction and injury management.

This webinar and interactive Q&A will explore:

• What is addiction medicine: when should an addiction medicine expert be referred to in a compensation setting?

• Prescription opioids and sedatives: use guidelines, when to question use and long-term management.

• Medicinal Cannabis: medicinal cannabis use and workplace considerations, including safety and productivity concerns.

• Do you have a complex case you’d like advice on? Send a non-identifiable case summary to events@ereports.com.au for Dr Crowley to review before the webinar.

There will be a live interactive Q&A during the webinar.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to support CPD activity claims.

Click here to register.

Expert Webinar: Injury Care and Addiction