Eliminating non-attendance fees

eReports addresses the burden of non-attendance fees.

Our experience shows that there will be a significantly reduced non-attendance rate when using the eReports MyChoice technology. WAiVE allows the examinee to select the most appropriate appointment time and date (and specialist if you decide to enable that function) that suits their commitments and will ensure the time suits them.

We are so confident with our technology that we will absorb the cost of one non-attendance fee per claim.  Conditions apply, please contact us for details.


  1. Simply book on the eReports platform by selecting WAiVE from the Make a Booking menu item. Provide the options to the examinee so they can select the most appropriate appointment time and location for them.
  2. If the appointment is not attended reschedule the appointment within seven calendar days via WAiVE (this can be accessed through your login).
  3. The second appointment must be attended. If the second appointment is not attended a full DNA fee will apply top both appointments
  4. We also expect the appointment to be prepaid in accordance with the terms on our invoice (normally 7 days prior to the appointment).

Funding options are available online. Does not apply to gazette fees or other eReports’ offer or service line.

To learn more about WAiVE, contact our Business Relationship Team on 1300 130 963 or via email at bookings@ereports.com.au


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