eReports has been engaged to provide an independent assessment of the current status and treatment of your medical condition by the organisation handling your matter. This will be done in the form of a consultation with an  independent medical consultant. Our independent medical consultants are experienced professionals with a wealth of experience, all due sensitivity and discretion and maintain the ethics they are bound by as medical practitioners.

These consultations do differ from your usual consultation with your treating health practitioners in that consultant is not permitted to offer you medical advice  or opinion regarding the management of your matter. This information is supplied in the medical report that will be produced based on your consultation with the independent medical consultant, medical evidence and best treatment and rehabilitation practices.


In order for a consultation to proceed, we require a consent form to be completed. This is to demonstrate that you have actively engaged in the process and fully understand what is being requested of you during this consultation process.

We recommend arriving approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled consultation start time, to allow you adequate time to check in and complete the required consent form.

Physical Examinations

Where a physical examination is required, the independent medical consultant may require you to partially undress. It is eReports policy to ensure that you are made as comfortable as possible during the physical examination and as such clinical gowns are provided and you may request a chaperone if you are uncomfortable doing this in a one on one situation.

The physical examination may not necessarily be restricted to the area of injury on your body, as there is a number of situations where associated regions of your body may also have been affected. As such, a further generalised examination may also be required. Should you feel discomfort for any reason, please share your concerns with the IME undertaking your assessment.

The Interview

During the interview part of your consultation, you will be asked questions specifically related to your current injury/condition as well as questions about your general medical history and your social, personal and recreational life. This information assists the consultant in fully understanding your situation and how your injury/condition could be affecting your life.


You have been referred for a NEXUS telehealth consultation, therefore we have included some useful information below to help you prepare. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your case manager, employer or legal adviser to discuss.

What Is A NEXUS Telehealth Consultation?

Utilising secure telehealth conferencing technology, eReports NEXUS provides easy access to independent medical assessments for regional, rural and remote individuals – regardless of your geographic location. Rather than travelling to a major city for your appointment, you will attend a clinic that’s convenient to you, and connect with one of eReports’ highly trained and specialised medical consultants located anywhere across Australia – all via a secure, online telehealth consultation.

Access to the eReports NEXUS network allows your case manager to select the most suitable medical consultant for your case, regardless of where they are located. Most importantly, you’ll arrive for your appointment relaxed, having travelled just a short distance for your assessment.

How Will The Consultation Be Conducted?

We’ve taken care of all the little details to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible.

When you arrive at the clinic you’ll be greeted by a receptionist who will welcome you, check your photo identification and ask you to complete a consent form.

The receptionist will then escort you into a private telehealth room, run you through hothe technology works and answer any questions you may have about the process. When you’re comfortable they will connect you to an online ‘virtual’ waiting room, where you can relax to some soothing music until the call connects and your consultation begins.

You will be asked about your clinical history and discuss specific questions regarding your treatment, recovery and activities of daily living. At the end of the assessment, the consultant will end the telehealth call.

During the telehealth appointment, you can interact with the medical consultant the same way you would if you were both in the same room. You view each other on a computer or TV screen and behave just as naturally. The only significant difference between a telehealth and a traditional appointment…is you don’t have to travel long distances.

At the end of the assessment you will be offerred a short vountary survey to get your feedback on the NEXUS interview, please feel free to provide your feedback to eReports.

To discuss any of the information above, please contact your case manager, employer or legal adviser who is responsible for requesting your attendance at the NEXUS appointment.


To ensure the best outcome for your consultation please bring the following items with you:

  • A list of medications that you take.
    X-ray films, MRI, CT scans and reports (not needed for psychiatric appointments)
    Treating doctors’ reports and specialists’ reports
    Photo ID to confirm your identity.

An assessment can typically last between 45-60 mins and consists of an interview and where requested a physical examination.

Complex matters can take a little bit longer than a typical consultation.

No, there will be no one else present unless you specifically ask for a support person to join you. In this case, the support person’s attendance will be at the medical consultant’s discretion.

We do not recommend you bring your family or children with you. Our consulting locations are busy medical clinics and as such limited space in waiting rooms is available.

In the instance of children, eReports clinics are not equipped to care for children whilst you are in consultation. As children are not permitted in the consultation we recommend that you do not bring children to your assessment.

The admission of support people is available at the discretion of the independent medical consultant. If the consultant denies your request to allow a support person, you may request a chaperone to sit in on the consultation.

In some instances, even when the consultant agrees to the support person attending the consultation, they may be asked to leave the consultation temporarily to discuss matters of a particularly personal nature. This is particularly common in psychiatric consultations as a means ensure that you feel comfortable answering the consultants questions freely without any influence from your support person.

We only make the report available to the referring organisation. Your right to access this report can vary and as such we would recommend you seek advice from your referring organisation.

Please contact your case manager, employer or legal advisor to discuss whether there are other options available for you.

eReports cannot take cancellations or reschedule your appointment directly with you. We recommend contacting your case manager, employer or legal advisor who referred you to us. Your representative can then contact eReports and cancel or reschedule your appointment.

eReports medical consultants may choose to record your assessment as a reference for their use in preparation of a medical report. These recordings are only made with your consent and are available by request to the Privacy Officer as outlined at the end of this Policy document.

All audio recordings are stored and encrypted on eReports secure servers with appropriate IT security measures employed.

Please note that recording any part of your consultation must be done with the permission of the medical consultant. Covertly recording your consultation without consent may result in legal action and the termination of your consultation.  We recommend discussing your intentions with your referring organisation, our reception staff or the consultant conducting your assessment. This will allow us to ensure that you are fully informed of any potential breach in privacy laws that recording a consultation may represent.