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eReports understands medical specialists may have a preferred way of consulting in the provision of their expert medical opinion practice, which can range from being a component of their current clinical practice through to a complete expert advisory services management solution via eReports.

  • 24/7 Access to the Guardian Consultant Portal

    Guardian is the result of 20 years and continual investment in development of intelligent and easy to use technology that brings efficiency to your processes and empower your practice.

  • Transparent Financial Services

    eReports puts transparency at the front of our full service financial services solution. Maintain visibility of your invoices, banking, debtors ledger and take advantage of eReports debt collection service.

  • National Client and Clinic Network

    eReports client base presents a multitude of opportunities for growth and diversification of your practice simply by expanding your reach across Australia from multiple sectors including insurance, personal injury, government, motor accidents and employers.

  • Flexible service models to suit your practice

    eReports offers our consultants a range of options on how they partner with us. From full service practice solutions through to appointments by request, you determine how you work with eReports.

eReports welcomes you to explore how you can partner with eReports to support the development of your independent medico-legal practice. Our goal at eReports is to offer a tailored solution to enable our specialists to work across our national footprint at a time and place that suits you best, supported by the industries’ leading technology.

Proudly Australian owned, eReports is an experienced, trusted provider of medical assessments, well positioned to deliver the highest level of service and quality to our diverse national customer base. With the proven expertise to deliver on today’s requirements, our core strength is our entrepreneurial approach to innovate and provide solutions for our rapidly changing future.

By way of background, eReports has been providing expert medical assessments nationally since 2000 and has become the second largest national provider in medico-legal assessments. Delivering 2,500+ medical evaluations monthly, we’ve assembled some of Australia’s most respected specialists across a wide variety of medical specialties and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can partner with you throughout all stages of your career.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    eReports does not impose any restrictive contracts or exclusivity clauses on the consultants that choose to work with us. We view our relationship with you as a business partnership..

    No, eReports will not alter the content of any report. Upon approval your report is referred to our Quality Assurance team. The QA review process includes a check and format of your report against letters of instruction and other specified client, legislative or best practice requirements. Any content queries or suggested report amendments are to be referred back to the specialist for clarification.

    Yes! eReports Omni service is designed specifically for consultants who would like to work with eReports from their own clinics. You will have access to eReports Guardian platform allowing you to review and manage scheduled appointments, securely download and review files, upload report attachments, notes and completed reports.

    eReports are the holders of significant government and large national tenders, assuring variety and consistency of consulting work. We are a truly national company with office locations in every state and territory, backed with industry leading technology. Our support staff are highly knowledgeable across national legislative requirements and can assist you whenever required. Our exceptional customer service is highly regarded by medical specialists and national clients.

    NEXUS is eReports telehealth consultation platform. It currently facilitates telehealth assessments in over 80 clinics across Australia. By incorporating NEXUS into your practice you can increase your national reach without ever having to leave your office. You will also be helping to address the increasing shortage of medical expertise in regional and remote Australia. Visit our NEXUS page or call eReports on 1300 130 963 for more information.