As an industry leader in the provision of medico-legal reports, eReports ensure your matters are handled with professionalism, efficiency, and accuracy. Our focus is on the delivery of clearly superior customer service from initial instruction through to conclusion.

eReports provides a broad range of expert medical assessments and trusted advice to  enable clients to make the right decisions to achieve sound recovery outcomes. We partner with our clients to provide tailored case management solutions. eReports provides accessibility, transparency and integrity in the delivery of all our services.

From independent medical assessments, specific case management advice, to servicing regional, rural and remote locations, eReports leverages our extensive national network of industry experts to become your results focused partner.



Delivering Quality Medical Advice for Effective Recovery Outcomes

With a national network of over 80+ consulting locations, eReports partners with clients to provide a range of services that facilitate early intervention and healthy recovery outcomes.

  • IME’s, file reviews and fitness for duty reports

    With a cohort of over 600+ medical specialists and allied healthcare professionals, eReports delivers trusted independent medical assessments and advice that facilitates sound case management decision-making.

  • NEXUS telehealth assessments

    eReports NEXUS has the experience you need and the technology to deliver. A large geographical network of in-clinic locations and the ability to do assessments at home, we have the capability to deliver the services you need, today.

  • Integrated and panel assessments

    A range of expert medical specialists form a multidisciplinary panel to provide a coordinated opinion and report(s). Panels are tailored to specific cases and an executive summary / report can be provided by a chairman to consolidate multiple specialist opinions where required.

  • Underwriting Medical Assessments

    Trained medical advisors review member applications and provide recommendations regarding the acceptance of cover, ie: Does the application meet the requirements?; Is further investigation required?; Are there any limitations to be applied to policy?

  • Income Protection / Total Permanent Disability (TPD) claim assessments and review

    Trained medical advisors review a member’s claim against their policy and applied limitations, and provide recommendations. This service can also be utilised to support ongoing case reviews.

  • Assessment of Clinical Treatment (ACT)

    An effective early intervention strategy. A Physiotherapist and an Occupational Physician provide medical insights on provisional diagnosis and prognosis, treatment options and work capacity for work-related and non-work related injuries.


  • Real-time online appointment booking system
  • Nationwide network of over 600+ medical consultants
  • Rapid report turnaround of between 3-7 days
  • Industry leading Quality Assurance service
  • Available in over 80 city, regional and remote locations
  • Track the status of your report
  • SMS reminders for examinees
  • Book an interpreter when you book the appointment
  • Full training to help you navigate the eReports online platform
  • Extensive telehealth network with international capability.
  • Funding for plaintiffs available
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