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Contact eReports to learn more about our  industry leading services and healthtech for clients. We are an agile business with a clear mandate on improving outcomes for clients and those they support.

Online Encrypted Document Upload Facility
eReports offers an encrypted and secure uploading facility for our users.

So that we can to keep all documentation secure, we prefer to receive documentation via this method.

Registered users can log in and submit their documentation electronically via the eReports website ‘Upload documentation’ tab. Once the Upload is complete they will receive instant emailed confirmation of receipt.


Capacity to deliver

eReports have offices in all Australian capital cities, with over 80+ affiliate clinics covering large geographical areas across Australia, including regional and remote locations.

International Services

Our global expert network is capable of conducting assessments in face to face appointments and through our successful NEXUS video assessment network via a panel of 700+ highly credentialled experts.

Appointments are conducted in a secure and supportive environment, to ensure the integrity of the assessment and the comfort of the individual.

NEXUS Video Assessments

We conduct assessments for those in areas with accessibility, trauma or cultural requirements through our industry leading NEXUS telehealth service. The platform is designed and built in Australia and backed by our in-house technology team to deliver a stable and secure experience for medical consultants and individuals.